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Are You Dealing With Heel Pain?

Heel pain makes every aspect of your life more difficult, for this chronic discomfort can make, exercising, walking, and even standing so painful that won't want to move from your couch. Fortunately, treatments offered by your Rockland County, NY, podiatrist, Dr. Denis LeBlang, can help ease your heel pain and get you back on your feet! 

Why do I have heel pain?

Heel pain can be caused by a variety of injuries and conditions. Training for too long, at too hard of a pace, or while wearing poorly fitting shoes can all lead to stress fractures, heel spurs, bursitis, or Achilles tendinitis. Aging can also be a factor in plantar fasciitis, but this painful condition can also occur if you spend long hours standing at work every day. Other causes of heel pain can include bruises in the fat pat under your heel, fractures, or deep cracks in the skin covering your heels. 

How do podiatrists treat heel pain?

Your Rockland County foot doctor offers a variety of treatments and devices that will help relieve your pain, including:

Need relief? Give us a call

Are you tired of living with heel pain? Call your Rockland County, NY, podiatrist, Dr. Denis LeBlang, at (845) 268-8282 to schedule an appointment at his Congers office.

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