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Laser Fungal Toenail Treatment

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) approximately 40% of all patients seen by a Podiatrist have toenail fungus. I see similar results in my practice. Thickened, yellow nails often contain the fungus. It tends to spread from toe to toe over time, when not treated. As a matter of fact, it can spread to the skin on the foot and ankle.

You might not be thinking about your nails during the fall and winter season when they are in closed toe shoes. However, this is the perfect time to begin treatment so your toes look their best for Spring and Summer.

In my practice we take three approaches to toenail fungus.

  1. Topical Treatments: Topicals are an initial place to start with mild cases. Applying a topical will help address fungus.

  2. Oral Medication: Lamisil is a long term prescription oral medication. It tends to work best with a mild to moderate cases of fungus. However, careful evaluation of a patient's health is in order. Lamisil is not advised with certain other medications utilized for treating your heart and liver. Additionally, regular blood tests must be conducted to check the patient's liver function.

  3. Lasers Lasers designed to attack the fungus have become available in the last few years. Our office utilizes the DioWave {10 / 15/ 3D}. I have seen terrific results. Each treatment is virtually painless and is accomplished in under 15 minutes.

Everyone's nails grow at different rates. I have seen new clearer nails within four months after initial treatment. The white/pink color will begin at the cuticle. The entire nail replaces itself usually within eight to ten months. Often, much faster for the smaller toes.

We like to use a topical after utilizing the laser to achieve and maintain best results. Patient after care is critical to the ongoing success of the procedure.

Similar to periodic whitenings that are performed by a Dentist, we recommend maintenance treatments yearly.

Hopefully, now that you know more about toenail fungus and its treatments you will speak to your Podiatrist about the condition.

Dr. Denis LeBlang utilizes the new Diowave Laser in his offices. If you think you have fungal nails you could benefit with this treatment. Call and make an appointment and Dr. LeBlang will evaluate your condition.

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